Hello World!

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August 15, 2021


This is meant to be a short-form blog; I can't hold my own attention long enough to write anything that takes more than 15 minutes to read. I'll talk about things that intrigue me; expect a cocktail of web & graphics programming content, a pinch of opinions, topped with a garnish of rants! I might not be an expert in any of it, mostly because I'm attracted to things that I know nothing about 😬

I hope you like it, and that I stick with it 😄

P.S. I've got an incredible story about how this blog came to be, and I think that perfectly illustrates my brain:

I woke up yesterday reading a tweet about Phil Pluckthun joining GraphCDN. One of the founders of GraphCDN (Tim) was a colleague of mine at Prisma. In fact, he hired me! Anyway, the first thought that came to my brain was damn, GraphCDN's making MOVES! I felt this sudden burst of motivation to make progress on Crisp. I've been reading a bunch of academic papers to build it, so I immediately jumped out of bed to read some more.

I thought it'd be cool to write about all this, since I decided I wanted to do more of that this year (in JANUARY! At least I'm finally getting to it). But in order to write, I needed a place to do it, so I thought I'd quickly finish up my website that I'd designed in Figma last week. Then I realized how I got distracted so easily, so I did some research about psychiatrists near me (I've been wanting to get tested for ADHD for a while now), found that they only open on Monday, realized I needed to get back to my website, decided I didn't like the design anymore, so redesigned it in Figma as a website + blog combo, then finally got around to building it, and here we are!